AW @ Flux Factory – Zip-tied and Growing!

June 11, 2012

So the opening reception for ‘Bionic Garden’ at Flux Factory was yesterday. The show will be up from June 9th to June 24th. I hope everyone can visit it. The group of artists present a fascinating array of projects dealing with the symbiotic relationships between the artificial (human made) world and botanic ecology.

Of course, my camera battery died at the opening, so here is a shot of our sweet truck loading job on the first install day…. More photos of our projects and those of the other artists to come soon.

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One Response to “AW @ Flux Factory – Zip-tied and Growing!”

  1. islandtimeonly says:

    the professional workshop and now the truck… I’m officially depressed! Still. It’s all beautiful, and if that was a kitten, he must be HUGE! NOW!! My calico is purring on my lap and across my carpelling wrists as they tunnel along the pitch of her purrrrrrr

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